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Heart palpitations

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ktk +1 point · over 3 years ago Original Poster

So someone online has told me it’s very likely I have sleep apnea and honestly I’m very terrified, I’ve noticed most of the symptoms are adding up I wake up feeling terrible and mostly always have headaches

Basically I’m not sure how often but I’ll wake up but I’m not really awake which led to me think I was in a state of sleep paralysis, and my heart will be racing and when I try to calm down and breathe my heart goes even faster and it’s terrifying and I think I’m going to die .. I’m 20 and a female I’m just honestly quite overwhelmed What do I do now !!

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Sierra +0 points · over 3 years ago Sleep Patron

First off, I am not away of a direct relationship between sleep apnea and heart racing issues. My first suggestion would be to see your doctor about the symptoms you are having.

With respect to having apnea one of the things you can do is complete a screening test like the STOP-Bang. If your come out at risk of apnea, then the next step is to get tested. There are now home test methods that are a lot less invasive and expensive than an in lab test.

Here is the link to the STOP-Bang tool.

STOP-Bang Questionnaire

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JeremyH +0 points · over 3 years ago

Do a home sleep study, contact your doctor. They are only $29.00. That's a start. Read up on improving your sleep conditions, no light, on the cool side in your bedroom. Avoid big meals before bed, sleep is not the time for your body to be digesting food. Your heart works harder if you do. But first, eliminate the possibility of even having OSA. Of course stress is the biggest issue and sometimes the remedy is spiritual.

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