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Hi, my name is Maret

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Maret +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

and I am a 61 year old newly diagnosed severe sleep apnea (AHI 34) with central apnea (23). I have used the Air Sense 10 for Her for 4 days and have a full mask. I know I have had SA for many, many years and am so happy to have the chance to reverse the fatigue, mental sluggishness, weight gain, etc!
For the last 2 nights, I have needed more oxygen and now have mild chest pain. I was glad to read on this forum that other people experience chest pain. I will talk to my Sleep Study Coordinator about these issues today, plus will investigate a nasal mask since my mouth remains closed during the night. I ordered a VirtuClean machine and am looking forward to using that.

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sleeptech +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

I'm really unsure as to the benefit of using a device such as the VirtueClean or SoClean. I'm sure the do sterilise your machine, but why? As soon as you turn your machine on it is sucking in non-sterile air. As long as you clean/replace your filter regularly there is nothing in the machine to sterilise that won't be back there is soon as you turn it on.

To put it another way, after nearly 2 decades working with PAP machines, the only time I've seen anyone catch anything from their CPAP machine is when they didn't empty their humidifier chamber. Mould, yeast and bacteria all need significant moisture to survive and grow. If you empty your humidifier chamber every morning (as you should) and let it dry, this is adequate to stop anything growing in it. If you regularly get condensation in your tube, then hang it up to dry out and that should take care of that.

Millions of people around the world happily use CPAP without sterilising it and they have no trouble. There is nothing inside your machine to sterilise. I believe these sterilisation devices are entirely unnecessary and have never seen anything to suggest otherwise.

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