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How many hose-over-head nasal pillow masks are there?

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pianoman82 +0 points · over 4 years ago Original Poster

I started with the Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask. Like so many people, I got tangled in the cord and it pulled the mask off easily because of the poor headgear. I know that there are various hose management products out there, but I don't like all of that extra stuff.

Then I discovered the Dreamwear nasal pillow mask with the hose that connects onto the swivel on top of the head. Beautiful. I can sleep on my side or back quite well. If I sleep in a certain position, even on my stomach. Then I discovered the GEL nasal pillows. Compared to the hard and prickly silicone pillows on the P10, this was a dream. I started with the Medium gel nasal pillows and it was really hurting the bottom of my nose, so I got the Small size. Much better. My only complaint with the mask now is that it feels like it limits my breathing and I can't breathe as quickly through it.

I have the AirFit P30i that I got after the Dreamwear to try. That's my favorite mask of all. Even a little more comfortable than the Dreamwear as far as headgear and the air ports that go on each side of the head to breathe through. The issue? Those darned prickly silicone nasal pillows. It literally stabs me in the nose. Large is too big and leaks, Medium hurts a lot and makes my nose bleed and the Small goes into the edge of my nose considerably and is the only one that seals the best. That also stabs the inside of my nose and makes it sore all of the time.

I guess I don't understand why in the world so many companies make these hard silicone nasal pillows that literally stab into the side of the nose. I can't imagine that being comfortable in anyone's nose.

So now, my question: What other companies make a nasal pillow mask similar to the Dreamwear or P30i with the over-the-head swivel hose and the option for gel nasal pillows? I have actually written to ResMed and asked if they are planning to make gel nasal pillows for the P30i. That would be an absolutely beautiful combination. However, they replied back and said that they weren't planning on making any gel ones at the time and would notify me if they did in the future. Seems really dumb.

I'm not looking for just any other mask, however. I don't need another mask with gel nasal pillows like the Dreamwear where the actual air flow volume seems to be diminished for some odd and unknown reason. Reviews by a lot of people have mentioned this phenomenon. I don't have that issue with the P30i. I can breathe as fast as I want through that one and it keeps up. I don't get why the Dreamwear doesn't. It may just be the design of the air flow pieces that go on either side of the face that somehow limit the flow on that particular mask.

Is there anything else similar?

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Biguglygremlin +0 points · over 4 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

The Nuance Mask has been around for a long time now but the cushions are quite comfortable and it works reasonably well for side sleeping. The hose can be looped through the strap over the head but I don't bother because I use a hose stand. Lift

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