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Is there a way to add on a little bit of time to previous nights on AirCurve 10?

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PianoJesse +0 points · almost 4 years ago Original Poster


I've got autonomic dysfunction and I've fallen asleep sometimes without putting my mask on at night. Other nights I sleep something dumb like 3.75 hours and miss the qualification for that night just because of 15 minutes. I'm on an Air Curve 10S BiLevel. As you can see, I did decently the first couple of months trying to meet the 4 hours per night minimum for at least 21 days for each month. After 3 months, my insurance pays for the machine and I'm presently renting it for $30 a month. Apparently failing to meet this means that you end up paying for the machine yourself. I have autonomic dysfunction and have spent nearly $5,000 in out of pocket and deductible payments since April. The insurance has spent an additional $15,000 worth of benefits during that time, as well.

September has been a rough month for me. I've been to so many doctors and specialists. I'm now seeing an electrophysiologist and soon a neurologist to see if I have some kind of condition causing the POTS/autonomic dysfunction that is throwing my whole body for a look.

I've figured out that by copying my SD card data to my computer's desktop and formatting the SD card in the machine, it will let me roll the date and time back to whatever time I want. However, it isn't adding on to that day when I set the date/time and use the machine for like 20 minutes to fill in the gap for that particular day to qualify.

Am I just putting in the wrong date or something? Say that I need to add 15 minutes to a 3.75 night on 9/7...do I select 9/7 as the date or 9/8? In Oscar, the info seems to show up like a day behind for some reason. Am I just putting the wrong date in there?

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Sierra +0 points · almost 4 years ago Sleep Patron

I am afraid I can't help you in adding back time for a date that is passed. About all I can suggest going forward is that you may want to consider adjusting the time of the machine. I believe by default the ResMed starts a new day at 12 noon, and you can't adjust that to my knowledge. If that is not a good time for you due to shift work etc, then it may be a good idea to fudge the time so it rolls over to a new day at a different (real time) time of day.

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Sleepea +0 points · almost 4 years ago

Oscar isn't a day behind, the sleep day measurement starts at noon each day. The measurement can't start at midnight because people are usually sleeping at that time. The machine needs to measure a full sleep cycle, the machine is going to count your sleep time overnight.
Resmed machine update the internal clock when they connect to the cell towers. Cell towers have very accurate clocks.

My suggestion is that if you are short by 15 minutes, lay in bed with the mask on and machine running for the remaining time. If you can't do it then, go back and later in the day and run the machine for a few minutes wearing the mask. Just remember the day starts at noon.

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