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Low resting heart rate

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Mondayz +0 points · almost 5 years ago Original Poster

My resting heart rate is usually low to mid 40s , and last night my Apple Watch noted that it dipped to 37 while asleep. I’ve read varying things on the topic , and apparently a heart rate below 60 is “bad” unless you’re an athlete. I work out quite frequently but I don’t do much cardio. Should I be worried? As noted in another post I have tested positive for sleep apnea but haven’t done my officially in lab study yet, just the at home one .

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singingkeys +0 points · almost 5 years ago Sleep Commentator

The in-lab study also does an EKG equivalent that checks your heart rate, if I remember correctly. Mine dips down to like 40-something and I have mild to possibly moderate sleep apnea. I'm in pretty good shape otherwise, not overweight, don't fit any of the sleep apnea parameters of the typical patient and doctors tend to be a bit shocked. It doesn't help that I'm 36 and look like I'm in my upper teens to lower 20's, so they automatically assume that I couldn't have it because I'm "younger" outwardly.

You could alternatively get yourself an SPO2 monitor (pulse oximeter - I bought mine online for like $80) and it checks your blood oxygen level and also heart rate for the whole night. Just slides on one finger and is worn like a wrist watch.

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