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MORE Tired

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creature +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

I'm more tired now than I was before the mask. What is going on with me?

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Ruby +0 points · over 7 years ago Sleep Commentator

Does your machine have any record-keeping information such as a sleep log that includes whether you have mask leaks, how may hours you slept, those sort of things? Most new machines have basic information that you can access but should also have a card that can be taken to your sleep doctor. That might show problems that are affecting your sleep. I would start with that. You can also talk to your doctor to check if your air pressures are right and check other things that might not be helping. One of the most important things is to create a good working relationship with your health care provider and be as educated as possible yourself.

You haven't said how you are getting along with the machine and mask. Are you using it as prescribed? How long have you been using it?

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