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My CPAP won’t go on

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WileE +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

Hello from Long Island.

I’ve been using a Resmed airsense 10 for about 2 years (I think) now. The other night, I put the nasel pillow mask on, and the machine wouldn’t turn on. —No lights, no air pressure, no power that I can tell? The cord also has the block with light, which won’t turn on either.

I tried unplugging it, moving to another outlet. I took it apart and put it back together. The machine seems dead. Prior to this incident, I’ve never had any issues.

My next step might be to buy another cord/block to test on the machine, but that might not even be the problem???

Anyone have any idea about why it won’t turn on?



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wiredgeorge +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Where did the machine come from? Probably a DME who gave it to you as prescribed by some doctor. After a year, almost all insurance companies, who have rented the machine for 12 months, just write the machine off and in effect, it becomes yours. Talk to your DME or insurance company about replacement unless the DME wants to take a stab at repair.

If you want to repair, trying a different power cord AND power supply might be a good step. Lots of folks use that machine and can loan you these bits for testing. If they are bad, not sure if you can buy them as stand alone items. There are also medical supply places that repair but they usually want an hours labor just to look at it and it can get more expensive than the machine is worth. Let us know how this turns out! Good luck!

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sleeptech +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

If the light on your AC/DC converter (or block as you call it) has a light and that is not lighting up, it suggests that power isn't even getting that far. Try something else that you know works in the same outlet as your CPAP machine just to be sure the socket has power. The cord which runs from the wall to the block is removable on the Airsense 10, and you should be able to get a replacement quite cheaply at any electronics store. You could try replacing it to see if that fixes things. If it's anything else, it probably time for a trip back to the supplier. It has probably just gone out of warranty too (2 years is standard).

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