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My CPAP won't ramp up when I get up to go to the bathroom

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cosmasad +0 points · almost 6 years ago Original Poster

I've been using my ResMed AirSense10 device for 2 weeks now and I had the following problem when I got up to go to the bathroom last night:

I turned the device off, using the power button on the top of the unit. I took my headset off. Went to the bathroom Came back and put the headset back on. Turned unit on - and it would be blowing too hard. My understanding is that when you turn it off and back on it should ramp up again from low pressure. I kept toggling the power button and it wouldn't reset. When I tried to adjust the ramp, I noticed that it was greyed out. I couldn't adjust it.

Does anyone have advice about this? Why would the ramp option be greyed out?

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Sierra +0 points · almost 6 years ago Sleep Patron

It is kind of hard to figure out where your configuration may be. Here is a quick guide to how I would set it up. See the detailed guide at the link below, and first page 14 where it tells you how to get into the Clinical Menu. It basically works like the user menu but has more setup options. See pages 15 to 17 for a list of the setup options.

First go down to the Comfort section and to Ramp Time - set that at Auto. This feature holds the pressure at the Start Pressure until you go to sleep. Start Pressure - that is the next setting, and controls what pressure you will get during the ramp. For example if your minimum pressure is 8 cm and maximum 10 cm, I would suggest at ramp Start Pressure of 7. But adjust it to what feels comfortable during the go to sleep period. You should feel no restriction from the mask to breathe in, or no resistance in breathing out. You can't set it above the minimum pressure. And if your minimum is 7 then it still makes sense to set the ramp to Auto and a start pressure of 7 cm.

The next section is EPR. I enable it, set it at 3 and for ramp only. If you use EPR during treatment it can reduce effectiveness. For most you will get a lower pressure during treatment if EPR is off. But when set to ramp only you still get the comfort of EPR before you go to sleep. I find it works well.

Next skip down to the Option section.

Essentials - Set to Plus. This will give you a bit more control and a more detailed sleep report from the user menu.

SmartStart - I set this to On so the machine will start and stop automatically when you put it on and breathe, or off when you remove the mask.

That is about it. I hope that fixes it, and there is nothing wrong with the machine. If you have any questions just ask.

A10 Setup Guide

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