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New User here. What Mask should I get ?

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PCman +0 points · over 4 years ago Original Poster

Hello All..

Sorry I'm sure this has been asked a million time before, but I'm brand new at this.. Help

I just got my ResMed Airsense 10 and a couple of pillow masks came with it.

So I have a Beard. Not a Big bushy beard , but a trimmed well kept beard. I also am tall 6.1ft and thin build so have a this face. So I am not getting a seal and the Device says Failed Mask Test.

The mask's I was given are pillow masks , I guess full face masks they cover my mouth and press against my nose, and I totally dislike the following.

  1. I can't breath through my nose well, just the way they press against my nose.
  2. As noted they do not seal well.
  3. I'm a Side Sleeper and these masks have the tubes running down the said of my face, and it blocks the air flow if I lay sideways.
  4. I have a deviated septum so I typically wear "Nasal Dialators" in my nose to hold open my airways. but the CPAP seems to force open my nose airway (A Good thing). But I'd like the option to still wear them if possible. And the pillow mask doesn't allow this.
  5. I have a hundred more complaints but it's all new to me so I realize I'll need to adjust to having this thing on my face all night, I dislike the feeling.

Can anyone help me please..

I'm totally new to this.. I do have an appointment with the vendor, but I'm not impressed they care that much.

Thanks in advance..

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Sierra +0 points · over 4 years ago Sleep Patron

Nasal pillow masks, if you can keep your mouth closed when you sleep are the best for a beard. It sounds like you have the DreamWear version which has tubes going up each side of the face. Other alternatives would be the ResMed AirFit P10, or the Fisher & Paykel Brevida. I find the P10 quieter and more comfortable, but the Brevida has better headgear. For those that cannot keep their mouth closed, some will use mouth taping to solve the problem. That is what I do. It would be more difficult with a beard, but I think it could work. You can use 3M gentle paper tape that you can get at Walmart, or there is a Somnifix special tape which might work better, but is probably much more expensive...

That all said, my son uses a CPAP and has a full beard. He has settled on a Mirage Quattro mask. I tried one and thought it was terrible, but he likes it... If you have a DreamWear nasal mask, with the tubes up the side, I believe it can be converted to an under the nose but full face version. Not sure what that would be like with a beard. And, you would still have the tubes up the side. I believe that is why they have two tubes, so you can sleep on your side and not block both of them.

Bottom line is that it is really hard to recommend a mask for someone else. You are best to narrow the choices and then try them to see if they work. Of course best if you are dealing with a clinic that will let you try different ones.

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