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Odor inside Unit

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EasygoingCeruleanBison6381 +1 point · about 8 years ago Original Poster

I recently bought a replacement respironics cpap machine. It's used with 18 hours of use. The machine has a bad odor inside.. I cleaned the humidifier tank and the foam filter with soap and water. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to clean the interior of the machine? It smells like the original owner was a smoker.☹️ Thanks, John

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DanM +1 point · about 8 years ago Sleep Enthusiast Support Team

Hi John. I have been told that it is next to impossible for the end-user to clean in the inside of a CPAP machine unless using some kind of cleaning device like the SoClean, which is supposed to sanitize a CPAP machine. There are also aromatherapy kits that may help with the smell, and those can be found by doing a simple internet search for CPAP aromatherapy. Hope this helps!

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