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Oral Appliance fits and sits well, but doesn't hold whole night.

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pavel +0 points · about 2 months ago Original Poster

I wonder if anyone else ran into the same issue and can help with the advice. My sleep apnea is not enough bad to be prescribed with CPAP (I tried, really), but from other side my morning head aches are terrible. The only option I have is to use an Oral Appliance overnight. And for few years I used one popular over-the-counter brands. It worked for few weeks, and then I have to buy a new one, as the over-the-counter appliances are not durable. Finally I got the professional Oral Appliance, it is durable and smaller than over-the-counter ones. But I run into the similar problem as I had with over-the-counter.

The device fits and sits well, but during the night I somehow manage to release the lower jaw from it, and it stops being effective. Did anyone run into the same issue? What to do? I feel I need to adjust the appliance and make it more natural, but this will increase my snoring and head aches..

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