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[-] KindYellowGuineaFowl3585 +0 points · 9 months ago

Hello. I just received my sleep study results back and I have on average 25 apneas per hour. I am scheduled to go back for another sleep study this time with a cpap, then another follow up, and finally I will be able to purchase my machine. I would love machine and mask recommendations. I normally like to sleep on my side.

Is there anything specific I should pay attention to on my study results?

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[-] Ruby +0 points · 9 months ago Sleep Commentator

First, learn all you can about sleep apnea and what sleep studies are meant to show. Then at your next sleep study, ask questions and if you don't get answers from them have them get you to someone who will have answers. As for recommendations, each person is different and use different types of masks. There are nasal pillows, nose masks and full face masks with all kinds of variations of each depending on the manufacturer. Try looking on line at patient reviews and comments. It really is a trial and error situation and many insurance companies don't pay for us to try many. During your next sleep study, ask to try different masks during the test to see which might best suit you. Good luck.

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[-] wiredgeorge +0 points · 9 months ago Sleep Enthusiast

To put what Ruby said another way, the type of machine you will need depends on the prescription. For instance, I require a pressure of 25 and that is the max any machine can do (that I know of). The high pressure also had the prescription written for relief of the pressure during the exhale phase as most doctors assume it will be harder for a patient to exhale at that high pressure. My machine prescription was Bipap and 21/25 (exhale/inhale pressures). I can't wear a nasal mask because of the pressure and was given a full face mask as they can handle higher pressures. The machine and mask you eventually acquire will be a lot dependent on your personal prescription. If you buy the machine and mask, make sure you consult with your sleep doc as I suspect you are paying good money for his/her expertise.

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[-] Sleep +0 points · 9 months ago

What Ruby and wiredgeorge have recommended is great. I would also try to look online at mask, machines, so you can learn a little about them and get some ideas prior to going in. Perhaps check out some of the larger companies, ResMed, Respironics. When you go in for your sleep study with the CPAP ask them to try on some masks. Put them on, put some pressure on and lay down and move around. Unfortunately masks really are trial and error and sometimes it takes awhile to find something that works for you. Like the others said most insurances will not cover a lot of masks up front. So if you can't find something you like right off the bat, you may have to pay out of pocket or "deal" with the mask until the insurance will cover another mask down the road.

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