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George2003 +1 point · about 3 years ago Original Poster

We are inviting you to submit your footage and tell your story as part of a new documentary on the sleep apnea crisis, OUT OF BREATH.

My name is George Nierenberg and I am a long-time sleep apnea sufferer as well as an award-winning filmmaker. I felt compelled to undertake this documentary so that sleep apnea sufferers who don’t know they have the disease will recognize it in their own lives and be able to find treatments that work for them.

We want to give you the opportunity to share your stories of living with sleep apnea. By having you chronicle your journey with just a cell phone, you can help the film bring this hidden disease and the treatment options (i.e. CPAP, dental appliance, etc.) to the forefront of public awareness. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you're from, if you are a snorer, have suffered from sleep apnea, or are a professional who treats sleep apnea, we would love to collaborate with you in a way that does justice to your experiences. The footage would be filmed by you and/or any family members/friends and consist of real moments (i.e. video diary, snoring, dealing with treatments, falling asleep at the wrong time, family interactions, etc.).

If this is something that interests you or someone you would recommend, please contact us at [sleepapneafilm@gtncreative.com]. To find more information about the project visit [http://sleepapneafilm.com].

You can be part of this important project that will bring broad awareness to this public health epidemic that impacts us all.

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