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Sinus infection cause apnea?

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WarmheartedPeachGoat8796 +0 points · about 4 years ago Original Poster

Last summer I got a real bad sinus infection I seen my family Dr several times for it and he tried many antibiotics after like 4 months of trying to get rid of it he sent me to a ENT. Well I had polyps trapping the infection I'm my sinus cavity and a deviated septum. I had surgery to have them removed and infection drained and spetim straightened. During this whole time before and after the surgery 5 out of 7 days I wake up feeling full blown out of it and drained. I can't work, most days I won't drive. Then every once in a while il have a great day like normal. So I tell my ent this is still happening after the surgery and he sends me for a sleep study. I stopped breathing 7 times, during the study diagnosing me with mild apnea. He said it's so mild it doesn't really need treated. However I did have a total of 131 arousals. 38 respitory, 13 limb, 7 snoring, 73 spontanious. I went back to to the sleep center to get a mask and I couldnt fall asleep, so they told me to get a dental appliance, however that's 1500$ and I can't really afford it. I want to try it but I can't just blow 1500$ and it doesn't work. My ENT doesn't seem to be much help after I had the surgery people asked who my DR was and everyone said nothing but horrible things about him. I'm not really sure what I should do, maybe sell some stuff amd try to get the dental appliance. For all I know my septum could still be messed up, now when I suck air in with my nose real fast the one nostril collapses weird. Anyone have any suggestions, cause I'm losing my mind feeling like this every day.

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ReservedWhiteKangaroo6396 +0 points · about 4 years ago

It does sound like you definitely have sleep apnea and it wouldn't surprise me if your sinus trouble is causing your sleep apnea. I'm not sure about all the human anatomy but I would think that trouble with sinuses can cause sleep apnea, affecting your throat muscles. As for getting the dental appliance, I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I also have sinus trouble and allergies and I just got a dental appliance. I've been recording myself and found myself to be snoring like crazy! So I don't know if the appliance is the answer or if I need to consider cpap machine or other treatments or if I just need to have the appliance moved up another millimeter or more. I'm supposed to go back to my sleep dentist later this month so I'd like to see what he has to say about what i should do next.

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Sleep +0 points · about 4 years ago

I'm not sure if you feel it's the sleep issues that are causing your issues but if you do, have you considered following up with the sleep center that did your test? Perhaps they have other doctors there besides your ENT that could make more recommendations for you?

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