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Skull depression

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route53 +0 points · almost 4 years ago Original Poster

So I have a full face mask and only for 2 months .

I was shampooing and noticed a dent in my head right at the Top where the hose enters the mask. I dont think the mask is too tight as I have no other mask marks and if anything I am having problems with my seal.

I saw someone else asked this 9 months ago but the thread is dead after inactivity and a brief discussion. 2 nurses I know say this could be an issue. Going to check with Cpap services.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Biguglygremlin +0 points · almost 4 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Hi route53

Quite a few people have noticed marks and dents from straps and masks.

I get the impression that most of them fade after a short time.

How deep they are and how long they remain most likely depends on the resilience of the flesh which in turn probably depends on age, health, and perhaps even blood pressure.

It seems unlikely that the actual skull can be distorted without major trauma.

Initial discussion (RUTS)

Cpap causing skull deformities

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