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Sleep Study Confirmed, Dr Milking It?

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TiredOfBeingTires +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster


I went to a sleep Dr. Did home study first, inconclusive results due to equipment coming off during sleep.

Did an in lab study. It confirmed my apnea. The Dr. wants to fit me for a mask and have me do another sleep study with the equipment to get the proper pressure.

I feel like they're milking this to bill my insurance. The first study they could have called me to say it was inconclusive instead they brought me in to tell me wasting my time and surely billing my insurance.

Now that I have the results can I just go to the cpap equipment provider skipping my Dr and their fitting services and additional sleep study? Or is their process pretty standard?

I feel like this is being dragged out.

Thanks in advance.

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sophie +1 point · over 6 years ago

The purpose of the second sleep study is to determine the appropriate amount of pressure needed to manage your sleep apnea and reduce the apneas. Then a prescription is written by the physician, based on this evidence. Trust me, you will want to get this done correctly and it is a bit of a process. All this done to improve your health. Keep with it and you will feel better. Good luck!

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sleeptech +1 point · about 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

It is standard and best practice to have a second study to determine the ideal pressure for you (a process called titration). It is a good thing that your doctor is doing things properly rather than skipping steps (which many do).

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