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Sleep Study Questions

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AmbitiousBeigeSwan7173 +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

I just had my first sleep study done on Wednesday and my follow up is on the 27th. I have been completed exhausted for a long time now and have had uncontrolled hypertension since I was diagnosed many years ago. I recently had a open muscle biopsy performed for unrelated issue and the anesthesiologist told me I had sleep apnea which is why I just had study done. I know any answers to my questions here won't be as good as I will get from my doctor but I always hate waiting lol.

The technician who did my study said they usually get results back within 24 hours. Would it be out of the question for me to call Monday to see if they will give me any results over phone?

Is it a bad sign that the technician came into my room to make sure the thing that goes into nose and mouth to measure breathing was on right? They came in checked and said it was in the right position.

Also when it was all over I asked if I had stopped breathing at all. They didn't answer that question but said there are other types of apneas besides obstructive including Central and complex and that shallow breathing can cause hypopnea which bring you out of sleep. I aksed if I slept long enough as well and was told they had sufficient data for what my issue is.

Am I crazy to think I might have CSA? When drinking sometimes or when I took opiate pain killers I have noticed that I sometimes wake up unable to breath even for a few seconds after I'm awake or if I am awake it feels like there is no resistance when I breath if that makes sense.

Anyways again I'm not looking for medical advice but more thoughts and opinions.


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sleeptech +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

In Australia, and I would assume this is the same in the US, a tech is not legally allowed to give you the results of your study because they are not qualified doctor, so you will probably need to wait until you speak to you doctor. But when you do speak to you doctor, make darn sure they answer ALL of your questions, and if you don;t understand the answers keep asking until you do. They get paid a ton for their job, so you make them do it right.

Don't worry if the tech came in to check a sensor. This is quite normal and doesn't mean anything.

Whether you have central apnoea, obstructive apnoea, both or something else is not something you should be overly concerned about. It is basically all treated in a very similar manner (from your perspective anyway), and the negative effects if untreated are very much the same. What you describe about drinking is more indicative of obstructive apnoea, but opioids could go either away (or possibly even both).

If you have questions about your results when you get them, feel free to ask.

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