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sleeping position with CPAP - nasal pillow

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Chin +0 points · almost 7 years ago Original Poster

In what position do people generally sleep with their CPAP mask?

If I sleep on my side, (with the mask), then I run into a lot of issues: (1) drooling, (2) open mouth, air escaping through mouth, super dry mouth (3) tired tongue in the morning, as if tongue was pushed to one side of the mouth, it almost seems tongue muscles were twisted. So in the morning if I try to extend my tongue out, in the center, it always goes to the right ( or left, depending on the day). (4) (and related to #3 may be), lower jaw sliding to a side, so in the morning when I open close my mouth , I have some lateral movement of the lower jaw and what dentists say CR/CO discrepancy, which seems to go away as day progresses.

If I sleep on the back, things generally good.

I think I read somewhere that people sleep on their side with CPAP mask on, but due to above 4 reasons I can't imagine doing that.

More info about me: 36 years old male, AHI 17, supine apnea. ResMed device with pressure 0f 7. I have tried all nose mask, nose+mouth mask and currently using nasal pillow.

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wiredgeorge +0 points · almost 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

There is so much variation from patient to patient on how the mask affects sleep posture all I can do is say that when I first started having success with therapy (low AHI and decent mask leakage rate), I was using a Simplus full face mask with mask pads. I HAD to sleep on my back because if the mask was bumped at all, it ended up slipping off seal. Sleeping on my back became a habit and I adjusted to a sore back by propping up some with a wedge shaped pillow and regular pillow. All is good. Then I discovered the Amara View mask which fit much better (again personal and subjective) and did not leak much at all. I also found if I wanted I could sleep on my side without disturbing mask seal with this mask. I can't do nasal masks as my pressure is 25 and they just don't work at that pressure. I also found that with any mask the secret was keeping my mouth closed; I chose a boil and bite mouth guard and it serves me well with no ill effects. That also is personal and subjective as it doesn't work for everyone. I really never want to resort to tape but that is me (have a beard and mustache).

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