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Joined Jan 2017
Joined Jan 2017

I am 36 years old male. I went through sleep test and found that I have supine AHI of 24.8. Below is my complete report.

How bad is this considered to be? Do I need to use CPAP machine?

The reason I went for sleep test is because of griding teeth. Every morning I wake up with sore gums and 2 of my root-canals cracked recently and I got dental implants. I am apprehensive that if grinding continues it will just invite more troubles for my dental health.

Any help/advice is highly appreciated.

This attended polysomnogram montage using Compumedics Profusion 3 Software included recorded video, 6 EEG electrodes for frontal, central, and occipital monopolar recordings, 2 EOG electrodes, ECG, and chin EMG electrodes, snoring microphone, thermistor, airflow pressure, thoracic, and abdominal respiratory effort, pulse oximetry, leg movement, body sleeping position, and body movement. Please note that the AHI greater than 4% in this report is consistent with the current Hypopnea definition according to Medicare Criteria and is consistent with the current Hypopnea definition according to AASM criteria. The 30 sec. epochs were scored according to the AASM Manual for the scoring of Sleep and Associated Events: Rules, Terminology and Technical Specifications edition (Ver. 2.3).


Lights Out / On (clock times): 21:30:30 / 06:01:31

Total Recording Time (TRT) (min): 718.5

Total Sleep Time (TST) (min): 428.5

Sleep Efficiency: 83.9%

Sleep Latency (min): 40.5

Stage REM Latency (min): 72.5

Wake after sleep onset (WASO) (min): 42.0

Stage N1 Sleep (min, % of TST): 7.5 (1.8%)

Stage N2 Sleep (min, % of TST): 312.5 (72.9%)

Stage N3 Sleep (min, % of TST): 57.5 (13.4%)

Stage R Sleep (min, % of TST): 51.0 (11.9%)

Supine Sleep (min): 229.5

Arousals (index, #): 22.7 (162)


Apnea/Hypopnea Index (AHI): 17.4

*AHI 4% or greater: 2.9

NREM AHI: 18.6

REM AHI: 8.2

Non-Supine AHI: 8.7

Supine AHI: 24.8

*Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI): 19.6 *

NREM RDI: 20.7

REM RDI: 11.8

Apneas (index, #): 0.8 (6)

Obstructive Apneas (index, #): 0.8 (6)

Mixed Apneas (index, #): 0.0 (0)

Central Apneas (index, #): 0.0 (0)

Hypopneas (index, #): 16.5 (118)

RERAs (index, #): 2.2 (16)

Mean Awake SpO2: 95%

Mean Sleep SpO2: 95%

Minimum Sleep SpO2: 85%

Sleep Time with SpO2 < 88% (min, % of TST): 0.6 (0.1%)

Cheyne Stokes breathing: No

Snoring: Moderate to loud


Mean Awake HR: 71

Mean Sleep HR: 71

Bradycardia: No

Asystole: No

Sinus tachycardia: No

Narrow Complex Tachycardia: No

Wide Complex Tachycardia: No

Atrial Fibrillation: No

Other: None


Periodic Limb Movements of sleep (PLMS) (index, #): 0.0 (0)

PLMS with arousals (index, #): 0.0 (0)


No other unusual body movements were demonstrated and no seizure activity was noted.


  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea, moderate with worsening in supine sleep