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Sleepy Scott

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SleepyScott +0 points · over 9 years ago Original Poster

Hi there,

I've been a faithful hosehead since December 2005. My AHI was 89 and my sats dropped to 77%, which is quite dangerous. I currently have a ResMed VPAP Auto 25 and use the Fisher & Paykel Simplus FFM. This little machine that blows air in my face has TOTALLY transformed my life. Before the DX, I had all the symptoms of OSA in spades. I felt I truly woke up about a month after going on the hose and taking care of my sleep debt. The only time I don't use the machine is when I get sick. My pressures are on the high side, which is why my machine is a 25. I've gone through several different types of machines / masks until I found the right combo. I'm really excited to become a part of this community because I'm sure my experience has the potential of helping others.

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TedB +0 points · over 9 years ago

Welcome Scott. We look forward to hearing and learning from you.

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