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MakeSleepAPriority +0 points · over 9 years ago Original Poster

Hi Everyone and welcome to our forum. I'm one of the moderators and look forward to seeing all of your exciting ideas.

I noticed the TODAY SHOW is having sleep week beginning today and through November 14, 2014. I think it would be interesting to post what you heard that is new information for you, what you found most interesting and what questions you have after hearing the daily sleep pieces. You can go to http://www.today.com/ if you miss the show live. Let's wake up to sleep with the TODAY SHOW!

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truckerdad57 +0 points · over 9 years ago

Could you get video clips of just the sleep segments and make a You tube link?

On a mobile phone trying to find just the right part of the whole thing is a problem.

Thanks Bob

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