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Water consumption

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apnic +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

Hello, I have been using a Dreamstation for 3 months with humidifier on the auto setting. It uses half of the reservoir each night. My SystemOne would use the whole reservoir each night. I tried changing the humidifier to manual and still have it set to 5. Several nights and half the reservoir is gone. I am so dry and am prone to nose bleeds. I checked in the morning and the water is warm so I know it does heat. I spoke with the therapist at my home care company and she told me that people tell her theirs uses the whole thing. This was when I switched it to manual mode. It is desert here, humidity is commonly below 10%.

I would like to know from other users what your experiences are with this device before I seek to get it replaced.

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sleeptech +1 point · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Just because someone else's DreamStaion uses all of its water does not mean your will. The DreamStation has sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity (and who knows what else) and adjust itself accordingly. This can cause your machine to use much more or less water than an identical machine on the same setting in a different place.

I know the predecessor to the DreamStation, the Respironics 60 series, had 2 settings for its humidifier - classic and system one. I cannot remember if the DreamStation is the same in this respect. If it is, the system one setting will work better than the classic (which begs the question why did they include a worse option?). Check you settings. If you look in the menu you will probably be able to see the humidifier setting and check that it is in system one mode.

Another option is that your humidifier is faulty. You could see if you can get it swapped for a new one. It just clips off and the new one clips one - really easy.

Do you have a heated tube? It will increase the efficiency of your humidifier. If not, try getting one.

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