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Water damage?

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ElToten +0 points · 9 months ago Original Poster


I have a Resmed Airsense 10. Yesterday I went on a 3 week journey and forgot to empty the water chamber when I packed the machine. I only noticed when I set up my CPAP at my destination finding that a small amount of water came out of the device. I let it dry over night but can still see small droplets of water inside the CPAP. I’m afraid to use it now in case the water is going to damage the electronics but I need to use it a some stage. Has anybody has advice on how to dry out the moisture? Can I assume that the CPAP has already suffered water damage. I haven’t connected it at all yet.

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RebeccaR +0 points · 9 months ago Support Team


I would definitely recommend contacting the equipment provider for guidance, as water and electronics is never a good thing! I believe you can contact ResMed myAir's support team here: https://myair.resmed.com/Support.aspx

The machines are supposed to have some sort of protection that can stop water from entering the electronics, but you never know if there is a damaged machine.

Best of luck!

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MarkHanson +0 points · 9 months ago

I put my unit in the sun on our sun-porch for the day and that seemed to work.

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