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Weight loss or gain

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Tj +0 points · about 6 years ago Original Poster

Have you lost weight or gained weight whIle using your machine? My doctor told me it would change my life, that I would be less hungry and more energy. This is my first month w nasal pillow bipap. Still adjusting to machine, only getting about 4 -5 hours of sleep but I guess it works because my events where down from 27 to 1!

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doctorlulu +0 points · about 6 years ago

Hey! Congrats your events are decreasing. That is fantastic.

I have become a fat slob over the last couple of years and a lot of it has to do with eating more and more garbage-sweets and chocolate- to try to get some energy, just to try to function. I believe my appetite will back off gradually, like it did today, the more, the longer I stick with CPAP.

I had my best day today in perhaps years. No naps. No overwhelming tiredness. Can't believe it. Thought I was a goner

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