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Where can i find someone to read and diagnose my SLeep Report from My Air? I dont have insurance to go to the doctor

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DiscountDean +0 points · about 3 years ago Original Poster

Just need someone to help determine what the data means. I have a large amount of data

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Sierra +0 points · about 3 years ago Sleep Patron

The MyAir app is pretty basic, and it is mainly intended to track "compliance", or in other works how regularly do you use your CPAP. Here is a link that explains how the "points" are awarded. It is quite bias towards hours used and keeping the mask on all night.

Understanding your MyAir Points

If you have a PC or Mac and a SD card reader there is a freeware program called OSCAR that you can download. It does a much more detailed job of displaying the data than MyAir. All the ResMed machines except the most basic one captures the data on the SD card on the machine, and it all should be there.

Here is a link to a recent thread that contains a few examples of what reports are available from OSCAR.

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