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Joined Apr 2020
Joined Apr 2020

If you are still getting the migraines you might want to have your 02 levels checked while you sleep, your Dr should be able to provide a study order. I was told my headaches in the morning were because of my lack of oxygen at night. My sleep study showed me down to 63%. CPAP only raised it to 80%, and anything below 88 is a problem. They added supplemental oxygen to my CPAP and wow that made a world of difference for me. I now wear a Garmin Vivoactive 4 watch to sleep, it seems to be 1 to 3 points lower then a finger unit, but I now at least know when I go below 90% on my o2 levels. I turned my oxygen up to 2.5 and now my o2 rarely ever goes below 90 at night. The sleep information is interesting, the fitness stuff seems to be motivating me, but it will track my 02 levels the entire time I am sleeping and does not disturb me like the finger units do. Only 2 garmin watches will track all night. Beddrsleep has a device you tick you your forehead for $149 that tracks sleep data and O2 levels, only works with an iphone but is supposedly very accurate, and is trying to be approved for use in sleep studies since it tracks everything a home study tracks, but a lot less invasive. When they add android sometime this year I might get one. There are many good units you where on your fingers, but they prevented me from sleeping well which defeats the purpose and they lack the sleep data like movements, rem vs non rem sleep etc.. Good sleep data to match up to the CPAP data seems good to know.

A month ago I did a ton of research into this. I am now a 100% fan of CDB oil.

I had horrible knee pains out of no where, have had back pains for decades. Advil usually does my back 100%, but nothing over the counter was helping with my knee pain, even sitting still I was in pain. Got some 25 MG CBD capsules locally. Not sure on the sleep directly, but I think it worked miracles on me knees. 100% pain free on my left and 70% gone in my right, and my back rarely hurts. Another interesting thing is I have had a severe cough for years, not my lungs but an irritation in my esophagus from post nasal drip. I would say it eliminated 99% of my cough and while I use to always have cough drops on me, now I never need them. It primarily seems to help with inflammation and anxiety. Helping with the inflamation in my knee was why I took it, had not even thought about inflammation in my. It was about a week to a realize I had no more cough. I did a ton of research, lots people say it helps with their sleep others do not. I think eliminating my cough helped a lot with my sleep. I am not high stressed of very anxious, but lots of people say it helps with that a lot. So depending on why you cannot sleep it may or may not help, but well worth trying. Just talked about this with my Dr. this week, she said if its helping stay on it, advil is not good for long term use. So she would only say its a lot better the advil, no study to say its really effective, but no reports of it being harmful. So take it I will because it seems to be working for me. Since the cough was not even something I considered cannot attribute that to a placebo effect. Also was not thinking it would help with my back, but it did.

From my research, it is critical to know how its made, lots of products made from hemp that do not contain CBD, it comes from the leaves and flowed not the buds. Other natural remedies come from the buds. Many are sold as Hemp extract because of prior laws against CBD. Amazon will not let them list it as CBD, so they do sell it but label it as hemp extract. You would have to contact the mfg to know if it has CBD or just other extracts from hemp. Made it to hard to know what I was getting so I went elsewhere. I am using CBDistillery now seemed to be be reputable pharmacy grade practices using US hemp, so I know what I am getting. Look for coupon codes and get a big discount. You can get full spectrum that will contain trace amounts of THC, not enough to effect you at all because Hemp does not contain enough THC to do anything. Makes you wonder why Hemp was a schedule 1 drug when it has absolutely no effects on getting you high. Most used plant in the world, clothes, ropes etc etc but not in the US because it looked like pot. But the trace amounts of THC can cause you to possibly fail a drug test, so be warned. Full spectrum has THC, but not enough to effect you, you can get it with absolutely no TCH. Full Spectrum has other elements from the plant that could help you sleep as well.

Been using it for 5 weeks, cut down my advil intake to almost none, got rid of my cough, which I think lead to better sleep, could have also helped in other ways but who knows. I do think I sleep better. Do your research, make sure you are getting it from a reputable place.

My o2 levels were dropping to 63%, very bad. I got put on a CPAP machine which helped but still exhausted. Last test said I dropped to 85%, below the 88% threshold. So now I have an oxygen concentrator on the CPAP. Testing it with a finger reader I realized how quickly your o2 levels can change. So it seems to me by the time I wake up and can check it it could have recovered so I want to track it through the entire night. If the Dr tests it it costs me $125 out of pocket just for the oxygen test through the night, and the device was miserably painful to have on my finger.

Option 1 is to by a device to track it and chart the level through the night. I think anything on my finger might cause more sleep problems the way I sleep, and I would hate to pay upwards of $200 to find my levels are fine now and not really need it anymore other then the occasional check.

Option 2 is a watch. Looks like Garmin and Fitbit are the two big ones with o2 tracking. But Garmin will only track for 4 hours per night, that seems pretty stupid, I would rather spread the number of checks its capable of over 8 hours then have 4 hours not tracked. Fitbit it seems does not show the o2 level but a variation graph to know any large variations through the night. I guess knowing my 02 level is at 99% as soon as I start the cpap machine I could estimate the rest. A watch does a lot more sleep tracking and also fitness tracking through the day and I would probably sleep better with a watch on, fitbit looks pretty small. So once I know my 02 levels are OK I would have other sues for it as well that could improve my health.

Since fitbit recenty got FDA approved for oxygen tracking and started rolling out the oxygen variation chart in Jan 2020, anyone have information that they might take it further and provide numbers. Seems like fitbit is really pushing hard for their watch to be used in sleep apnea arena.

Any feedback or advice, I am going nuts trying to decide how I can tack my 02 level while also not wasting money. Leaning towards the fitbit as my best option.

Thanks Chris

I have always snored, for 30 years my wife has said I have a problem. Last 6 months all of a sudden I am so exhausted during the day something changed. Sleep test shows I have extreme sleep apnea with over 80 events per hour and oxygen levels dropping to 64%. Kind of explains why I cannot function well during the day.

1) Should I tell my boss? I work for a great company and a great boss, just do not know if its good or bad to tell him. Its a huge world wide company and treats employees really well.

2) What is better, CPAP of BiPAP or does it really matter. Dr. is putting in an order for a cpap, but she might have been saying that as a generic term as she said the company would call me to discuss what machine. So will BiPAP be an option, or does the Dr. have to recommend that. I have emailed her this question also.

3) What happens if the machine turns off or power goes out? Probably silly to worry about that but I am.

4) I have always been a life long mouth breather, she recommends a mask to cover mouth and nose. Any recommendations on a mask. I sleep on my back or roll to my left side, usually only to reduce my snoring. I would assume I could sleep on my back full time now. Does this impact where the hose connects or type of mask. I saw several options in the office, but the office is closed now and only doing phone calls.

5) Do all machines have moisture control, I do get dry mouth while sleeping.

6) Just got diagnosed today, but I 100% knew this was going to be the outcome, been trying to get to this as fast as possible. She said the insurance would approve and a company would call to work out the machine in about 3 weeks. Is it really going to take that long. Of course with the coronavirus everything has changed. I cannot even got back to the Dr's office where they had a bunch of mask options to look at.

I want to get this right to I can sleep and get back to having a life other then working and sitting hear exhausted.

Also I am a diabetic, but not on any medicine, hoping fixing my sleeping will help turn that around, also got XRayed for COPD as I have a real hard time breathing in hot and humid air, but in the mountains I have no problems at all. Just in case the makes and difference on what people might recommend to help me get my life back.