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Joined Feb 2019
Joined Feb 2019


Is it normal to stop breathing for up to sixty seconds at a time in the night?

This is my first entry in this forum. I have not been diagnosed with CSA, but for the last ten years, I have suspected I suffer from it. I have recently purchased a wrist pulse oximeter, in an attempt to catch one of the nightly awakenings I have been experiencing without the drive to breathe.

I have been recording information for the last 50 nights and the summary reports indicate that every night I have under 20 sleep events, which sounds healthy, though the average duration of the events each night is up to a minute long.

The information I have been finding tell me that CSA is diagnosed by the 'number' of apnea events per hour, but what if you only have a few apneas and they last up to a minute in duration?

I have yet to 'catch' being woken up while using the device. I suspect when I experience these awakenings I am not breathing for a longer period of time because when they began ten years ago, I only realized I was not breathing when my heart would spaz out. I would wake up completely relaxed and then after a couple of minutes my heart would irratically beat out of my chest, and I would snap back to reality and force myself to breath. I have only experienced being woken up a handful of times in the last ten years, so I may be monitoring myself for a long time before I record these events.

Please, does anyone know, if not breathing for up to a minute on these 'normal nights' are actually 'normal'? Or do I have something to bring to my doctor?

Thank you so much, Elyse

Example of one night:

Total Event: 18 Time in event (min): 15.8 Average Event Duration.(sec.): 52.7 Index(1/hr): 2.1 Artifact(%): 0.1 Adjusted Index(1/hr): 2.1

SpO2 Data Basal SpO2(%): 96.8 Time(min) <88%: 0.0 Events<88%: 0 Min. SpO2(%): 88 Ave.Low SpO2<88%: ---

Ave. Pulse: 62.3 Low Pulse: 50