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Joined Mar 2024
Joined Mar 2024

This issue is specific to ResMed AirSense S-11. Please do not reply about older AirSense models. They do not have this problem.

13 year CPAP user. I used a Resmed S-9 for 6 years, and S-10 for 7 years. Never have had any rainout of humidity / tubing issues. Just switched to an S-11 and have had nothing but problems.

I have been getting horrible rainout problems. Here are the things I have tried (multiple times)

  1. Set Climate Control to Auto Result feels like no humidity at all. I wake repeatedly in the night because I am dried out and end up with a sinus headache due to no moisture.
  2. Bought a hose cover. Doesn’t seem to make any difference.
  3. Have tried all sorts of settings for humidity and tube temp Nothing seems to work. I am either dried out or rained out. No middle ground.
  4. Replaced the heated tubing Interestingly, that seemed to help on the first night. But the second night, I was back to rainout.
  5. Tried putting the tubing under the covers in addition to the hose cover. It does not seem to make a difference.

The tubing never feels warm. With my S-9 and S-10, I could feel the tubing warm up. The water tank level does decrease (but I think the water mostly ends up in the tubing).

I saw a post on here from two years ago, but saw no solution for a S-11. Lot’s of people replied with their experience using a S-10. But I have never had problems like this with an S-10. This seems specific to the S-11. There was no solution for the S-11 on the other post. Just replies about similar issues.