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Joined Jan 2020
Joined Jan 2020

The real experts are found on CPAPtalk . I'd recommend that you seek out as much help from them as you can . They are a team of several with literally decades of experience . They know the equipment and all the details of use and the mechanics -extremely helpful . Before you go any further ask your initial purchase question of " Pugsy " . Send your initial forum question to " Help Pugsy " He is the YODA of the sleep apnea world and I would consider any advice from him of exceptional value .

Good luck - its worth it to stick with getting the best info you can - and everyone seems ( needs ) are a bit different in terms of the tech , settings , and approach. .For the first 5 years of CPAP I did not do this and have suffered ( truly incapacitating ) consequences of not paying attention to the best and optimal use of CPAP I could make . 4 years of torture on a full face mask before going to a nasal pillow and a host of other failures too long to mention . Don't let that happen to you . It takes time to be on Forums and talk lines , but winnow out all the info that you can that fits your circumstances . Spend the money if you can reasonably see that the cost is likely to be of value- base on replies you get from others !

CPSAP Talk seems the best site of all for this valuable info and provides an OSCAR APP free . With MYAIR , RESMED , these two are a powerful set of tools . I have been to sleep physicians and sleep Registered Sleep analysts - neither have helped me . Thats not to say they may not for you . But the meter is always running and some are better than others . You have to " do your own yoga " :)

Good luck .


Hi Dano 9258:

Im into 6 year of CPAP . First 6 months were horrible . Every difficulty that can occur . Feeling of smothering , " alien " attached to face , constant leaks , irritation , roll over issue from side to side . Mask too tight or too loose .Pulling of mask in sleep and not knowing doing so - or knowing and still doing so . Wave of water and humidity or total desert mouth . On and on - a Full face mask for first 3 years left permanent indentations on face where mask came into contact . Switched in year 4 to RESMED 10 and nasal pillow - heated hose . FAR better but still more work to do . Failures on my part to clean hose and mask weekly - issues related to possible mold etc . as huge issue re allergies began year 4 .Did not change filter on machine monthly - failed to replace hose and mask every year or earlier . On and on . Now use chin strap as first on to keep mouth shut and therefore no more desert mouth . Have become very focused on daily reports ( CPAP data ) which for months ( data ) I would ignore .

Score now as low on occasion as 6.5 AHI - but initially 5 years ago was at 37 AHI and was one of the sleep deprived dead . Would fall asleep at any time as completely exhausted and was unsure why .Work and marriage suffered - kids too . Mis diagnosed for several years . For years had no sense of waking up " refreshed " . Do you remember that - and how great that was . ?

I gave up on using any sleep advisor or specialist with Apnea -as they did not help . I studied the on line clinical guide for RESMED CPAP and now have mine set at 7-18 pressure . I was dying for more air at 6- 12 - in last 3 years this huge help . But there may be some experts in your area who would be helpful . I could never find one .

I decided that I was going to do the CPAP all out - no matter how difficult it was and have stuck at it so far . This new Years I have decided to super focus on it with the new RESMED APP, called " My Air ". This charts me every day on my computer ( wireless ) with results on several issues and scores me on each . This has been a huge help and encouragement . One other thing re money in this ,is , although not without a concern , secondary to almost any other purchase save perhaps on food . Its critical to my health and ability to function from day to day and thats that ! Ill spend on this without question -now - whereas before I was stingy with purchase of equipment . If I was sure it would work I would purchase pliiolws and even an ape bed if that would help - but there are some out there who would take advantage .

So keep going - keep at it - if you do not and the apnea continues, or gets worse , it will effect every relationship you have and your entire life . Its that important .!

Be well and apnea free- rested !


Hi dmoor 80 :

It seems we all are different but 12-15 is not good enough for me . My post follows yours- next (PJK ) on this Forum . 4 days ago I had a record low for me at 6.5 . I finally felt well and rested and that the first time in 5 years . At 12.5 I did not -although better than at 20 .

If one can score 6.5 one night it seems thats possible for other nights . But I'm still searchuimh for the key to that . The RESMED 10 now provides you a chart ( app- My Air ) ) each day with readouts for all the key pests ( mask leaks etc , sleep taken - minimum 7 hrs for a full score , and so on ). Last night I has a score of 99 out of 100 even though my AHI was 8.5. It would have scored at top ( 100) had the AHI been below 5 .

The MY Air app with the RESMED 10 does help to encourage more focus and intent at scoring higher and so I'm trying to follow that . But if I could get an AHI under 5, I would be over the moon ! But Im still going to keep at it as in previous 5 years it was one day after another of just managing to get along ( dreary /exhausted ). I can't live that way any longer and am determined to get/do the best I can on this subject- to escape this trap/nightmare .

If you feel very rested at 12-15 AHI maybe thats all you need .

Its that feeling of rested and energized that I need to get back to - the feeling of " its great to get up " I feel renewed . Until I can get that back I will not have achieved my objection regardless of numbers . But so far the lower the AHI the closer I seem to get to that rested and re-charged feeling .

Good luck


I just purchased an Air Sense 10 and I'm using the My Air reporting program that RESMED has provided .

But that is after 5 years of use of RESMED 9 and a very checkered use of that equipment . Mainly out of laziness and disregard to make it work to the optimum. I went from full face mask ( 2 years - terrible challenge for me ) to the nasal mask ( much easier ) . But I have not looked at the apnea ( AHI ) score on the S9, in over 2 years . Last fall, I began to have terrible congestion each morning and running through the day- as if I had a complex of allergies . The whole fall was a carton of Kleenex and several different over the counter bottles of pills and sprays to address this daily nasal waterfall. But by Dec 25 I determined that I could not live like this anymore . Lax attention to cleaning the equipment and failure to monitor the data ,

So the last 5 nights I have been using the Air Sense 10 and with three nights of this I have had AHI of 6.5, 8, and 9 . I consider these are excellent results for me given past AHI over the # 20 ( with S9 ) . I have been particularly attentive to be careful of leaks and any other aspect that would lower my score . Last Wednesday when my score for AHI was 6.5 I almost felt human again and the " allergies "problem is lessening .

Can anyone advise me of what steps to take to lessen the AHI . I'm getting 100% performance score on the MY air for several of the other factors ( Mask leaks /mask off /etc ) but the AHI is what I consider my most important target . My pressure is a 7- 18 and set that up one (1) increase from 17 yesterday . I'd set that higher but my understanding is that a higher meeting of pressure does not always result in lower AHI.

Thanks a lot for any response !