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Joined Aug 2022
Joined Aug 2022

PutSleepapneatoBed, thank you so much, I'm in Spain, I've found that there is a sleep center who are specialists in apneas and other sleeping issues, is quite far from where I live but maybe it will be my only way to get tested.

I have to say that until the last 3 weeks when I started to really obsess about this, I used to have these episodes not very often, maybe just a few times in the month. I always remember my dreams, didnt have headaches (though im not prone to them not even now I have them) and I didnt feel sleepy. Aside the last 3 weeks, I tend to wake up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

3 weeks ago and certainly with me under some stress in my life plus a lot of heat in my country I had a hell of a night when these happened lots of times. Since I didn't know if i was really not breathing or was just a feeling that I had is when I decided to use an oximeter to sleep. Whenever I wake up I would go in panic seeing my levels of oxygen. My heart on the other side always kept a good heart beat.

There are people with the other apnea on my family, only one person, and the other apnea, the obstructive, and completely different symthons from mines, but reading online I found out about central apnea where I could fit.

My theory that means nothing is that I could have a mild central apnea, but now with the stress I'm having thinking about it is out of control..

Do you fully wake up when you have a non breathing episode? I honestly believe there is a bit of stress/anxiety going on in my case, but I know people way more stressed that I am and they don't suffer from this.

Hi guys, I'll start by saying I'm from a country that I think ignores completely central apnea. I'm a female, in my mid 30s, I'm fit, no health issues other than extrasystoles eventually (right now I don't have them).

The thing is that every now and then when I try to sleep I wake up abruply and the feeling is like if I "forgot to breathe", sometimes it happens a few times , sometimes quite a lot of times, if I finally make it to a more deep sleep I don't have this sensation anymore. When it happens sometimes I have like a little spasm in a leg or arm, and I make a little moan.

After reading about it I thought I had central apnea and went to a doctor, without any kind of test and just a few questions he told me I'm not "the typical patient " with apnea, and also I don't snore, and also he told me that patients with apnea don't wake up, its the partner who notice they aren't breathing. So I can't have apnea, what I probably have is stress and anxiety.

I wasn't happy with the little attention and visit another doctor who told me exactly the same . No snoring - no apnea and that patients with apnea don't wake up. And Lexatin was provided to me.

It isnt helping at all.

If it can help I made it to sleep with an oximeter, when I have the episodes my oxygen in blood goes down to around 80, even less, and my heart beat stays calm. I think if I had anxiety my heart beat should be high (but I don't know).

What I do know though is that my episodes are getting worst and worst since I'm afraid to go to bed.

People with central apnea please, are my symtons like yours? or you think it could be anxiety. Many thanks in advance because I'm desperate.

(excuse my English, is not my mother tongue).