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Joined Aug 2021
Joined Aug 2021

Two ideas in your post from a year ago will make a big difference:

  • don't lock old threads, encourage necroposting....I'm one of those "drive by" users looking for specific help at a specific point in my life and all the relevant topics are 1-3 years old. It would be great if I could post right on them and add to the knowledgebase in context.

  • send email notifications to posters when there is a reply to their post or on a thread they created. I've been checking back twice a day to see if anyone had advice on what I posted over a week ago, it would be nice to know I'll get a notification.

I would also add the ability to opt-in to receive DMs/direct messages. I wish I could have reached out and directly ping the people who had the same issue as me to find out if/how they solved the problem even if it was several years ago. Most people keep their email addresses for decades now, and likely would respond even if it was a "blast from the past". If they choose to opt-out of DMs or ignore the email that's fine too but even with a 20-30% uptake on DMs you breathe life into the community.

On the upside, I had trouble creating an account because yahoo mail won't deliver messages from this forum, and got pretty much immediate help by emailing support@myapnea.org so someone is interested, listening, and helpful. You should reach out to them with your concerns. As for not being able to use yahoo mail, I had to use a backup hotmail account instead. This is likely a tech issue with the domain and if they properly configure SPF and DMARC for myapnea.org the email issue will go away.

Hi all, this is my first post and I'm glad to have found this forum. I have not yet had a sleep test, nor do I have a CPAP machine. I have reached out to my GP to get a referral for a sleep test. I'm hoping to get some context and advice on what is happening to me.

I've been experiencing frightening symptoms for the past few nights which seemed to be described here as "sleep onset transitional central sleep apnea". Exactly at the moment of falling asleep I stop breathing and awaken in terror. It repeats constantly and my nights are now sleepless. Going to bed is becoming a source of dread. The same thing occurs if I try to nap during the day. There is a song called "Sleeping Sickness" by City&Color that eerily describes this (lyrics here: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/cityandcolour/thesleepingsickness.html)

Unfortunately all the threads about on these forums are old and locked, and there is no way to direct message the posters to ask if they were able to solve their problem and how they did it. It's also scary to see they had for months/years when I'm only a few days into this.

The threads I refer to are:

https://myapnea.org/forum/untreatable-sleep-onset-transitional-sleep-apnea (user CharmingDesertSandCoyote0755 "Joe" 3 yrs ago)

https://myapnea.org/forum/sleep-onset-central-sleep-apnea/1#comment-8133 (also CharmingDesertSandCoyote0755 "Joe" 3 yrs ago)

https://myapnea.org/forum/newbie-sleep-onset-apnea (user p3000g 3 yrs ago)

https://myapnea.org/forum/sleep-onset-apnea-01 (user SouthAfrican 2 yrs ago)

https://myapnea.org/replies/27904 (user Velacook 2 yrs ago)

There are 3 "solution" posts that make me hopeful, but they are also very old and aren't definitive about the solutions. One indicates it has to do with the body's mechanism/tolerance for measuring CO2 in the bloodstream and recommends breathing exercises to increase this tolerance:

https://myapnea.org/forum/how-i-cured-my-sleep-onset-transitional-sleep-apnea (user abc123 1 yr ago)

Another one indicates it's caused by long term stress and anxiety which burns out the adrenal gland and causes "Adrenal Fatigue", a condition that is recognized by naturopaths and integrative doctors, but not by traditional allopathic medicine:


The third solution also indicates it is caused by stress and anxiety and recommends supplements as the solution:


My question to the forum is - what is the latest on this? I don't see much since these 2-3yr old posts (my apologies if I've failed Search101). My gut tells me the cause is a combination of the ones I noted - in my case long term stress/anxiety has led me to do relaxation breathing regularly for over a decade and I think I might have trained my body to have a low tolerance for CO2 in my bloodstream because the belly breathing has kept me so well oxygenated for so long. Now when I get to the wake/sleep boundary my body can't tolerate even those few seconds with a higher CO2 level while it waits for my autonomic sleep breathing to kick in, and it pulls the alarm bells to WAKE UP AND BREATHE instead of just holding out a few seconds. I don't know why it would suddenly manifest now, however. I do know my anxiety levels are much higher in recent weeks so perhaps there is a connection there.

Any thoughts? Advice? Suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated...