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Joined Aug 2022

Male 71, retired

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

Joined Aug 2022

Male 71, retired

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

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Hello everyone.

I am new to this forum so I will introduce myself. :-)


My real name is Daniel and I tell everyone to call me Dan. I am a 71 year old retired engineer bilingual French-English. I live in Canada, province of Quebec, city Shawinigan. Unfortunately, I am a smoker.


I was diagnosed with apnea and part of the results of my sleep study were:

Central apneas : 1.3

Obstructive apneas : 23.3

Mixed apneas : 1.7

Hypopnea : 7.7

Apneas + Hypopnea : 33

RERAs : 2.3

That study was done in February 2021.


I got Philips machine first but problems with the sleep clinic (not the Philips recall) forced me to change the machine. I then got à Resmed Airsense 11 and started using it December 22, 2021.


Untill June 2022:

I struggle to get my numbers down. I got different advice for the pressure settings and played with those with no real improvement. The final pressure settings are now 10/20 which is the maximum for the high pressure. It was also suggested I wear a cervical collar because of probable "positional apnea". I tried two collars with the second one showing some improvement. I call it a semi-rigid collar. My results were still up and down and not really good.

After June 6, 2022:

As I was searching internet for information about apnea and treatments, I stumble on an article about a MAD (mandibular advancement device) that would be a help for some people. So I got one device from Amazon to try. It is not something I should keep wearing for long because it can have a bad impact on the mouth and teeth (so says my dentist). From the first night I tried the MAD, I saw my numbers drastically improve as shown in the table below.

If those results stay as good as they are now, I will get a MAD made by a professional.


My big question is when you look at my numbers (images below), is it possible to improve on that or should I be happy with what they are?

I started yesterday to stop drinking coffee with the hope I will cut down the fragmented sleep which is my usual night. For now I do not seem to experience caffeine withdrawal problems.

Finally, can you think of anything else I could do for improvements?

I have more information available should you want it. Thank you for any comment you would submit.