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Joined Nov 2015

To me the 'tone' of this survey is that the respondent is likely not to be compliant in use of the CPAP.

I think that the second question asking about hours of use over the last month, when using a CPAP, is problematical. Isn't the real question whether the individual used the CPAP for the entire sleep duration or not? For example if I had a busy month and only slept for 5 hours a night (average) for a month and chose 5 hours as the answer would the researcher then conclude that I took the mask off and then went back to sleep? Is question 3 intended to cover that situation?

I might be missing something here but if the survey is not really interested in how long one sleeps at night then possibly the following could be used for questions 3 and 4:

When I use the CPAP:

  • I typically use it until I get up.
  • I typically take it off prior to getting up.

I you do take CPAP off prior to finishing your sleep what best describes how you use your CPAP: *I normally take it off after a fixed amount of time (such as 3, 4, or 5 hours).

  • I normally take if off if I wake up during the night.
  • (I can't think of other response choices which probably means that I did not get a good night's sleep last night).

Question 4 (provider charges for non-use) almost makes my blood boil. We can get into a discussion about that if you wish.

Question 5 is interesting. Where is that money coming from? I doubt that the insurance company would be willing to allow that as a charge. If that indeed is the case then the patient is paying that money.

Question 6, bullet 8 should probably be "I hope to..." rather than "I home to..."

Question 7, you might want to include just being curious how well you sleep without it as a possible response.

Question 8 seems to assume that a person is not compliant. In the couple of years that I have had a CPAP machine there are probably only about 15 days total that I have not worn the mask all night. Two times because of facial irritation and maybe four times just to see how I slept without it (the other 9 times, travelling and its use was not convenient). When using it, I have never not used it for the entire duration of my sleep.