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Joined Jan 2019

Hi Sierra! Allow me to say, you are the best, you really seem to know this stuff!

Indeed I had 2 home tests with a RESMED monitor, and both gave almost exact results (except like I mentioned AHI 1 pt higher) I looked at the report and it says I had no central apneas. Desaturation is in the same range, and snoring looks the same as well.

So, you are saying that based on those studies and my persistent symptoms, a sensible Dr would skip the expensive stuff, and take advantage of the APAP functionality?

He said he was going to prescribe me the Resmed Airsense 10, which I know is an APAP, and a pretty good one because you can monitor everything with this “sleepyhead” software.

I do have some insurance coverage, but I also have high copays, and I will be reimbursed only for 40% of the price of the APAP (no coverage for mask). So as you can see, costs are piling up.

It is a difficult conversation to have with the Dr, because after reading what you said, he is either giving me all these tests out of greed (whacking me like a cash pinata) or out of not giving a crap whether I can afford all of this or not... Both options sound bad.

At this point would you say: take the tests to GP, ask for the prescription for the APAP and get it? How would I calibrate it later on? Would I need to look for another sleep specialist to look at the data (because this Dr said he would not prescribe me anything until I took all those tests).

Oh and I forgot, I had an MRI, EEG, and an EEG mapping already done, and, according to the Dr I would need a second EEG mapping at the lab after the PSG with CPAP titration, for some unknown reason....

It’s getting ridiculous... plus I had the diagnosis for over a month and a half now and I’m nowhere near starting treatment. If I do all the tests, I could start as soon as March he said.

Hey guys & gals!

First of all I wanted to say THANK YOUUUU for the warm welcome I’ve received! I am super happy that there are people willing to spend their free time helping others! I wish someday, when I learn a thing or two about this, to be able to contribute as well.

In the mean time, I’m having somewhat of a disagreement with my Dr. After he gave me the machine to measure my respiratory patterns at home for one night, the report from that study was pretty conclusive in that I had moderate sleep apnea. He then said he wanted to double check the result, so once again I took the device home and re-did the test. Same result (AHI was 1 point higher, not much aside from that).

Now my Dr wants me to come in to the lab for a PSG. After that he said he wants me to come back AGAIN for another PSG this time with an auto-cpap to “calibrate” the pressures at the lab.

This is really cumbersome and is becoming EXPENSIVE!!!! I am dealing with clear symptoms of sleep apnea, I have 2 tests that confirm the diagnosis and still he wants more.

Now, I read somewhere that “calibrating” the cpap during a PSG is totally unnecesary since the auto-cpap will self calibrate while I use it, and I can download the data and take it to my Dr after using it for a while....

Why the hell is he making me go to the sleep lab soooooo many times, when he could easily give me the prescription for the machine, and “calibrate” it with the usage data? Could he be shaking my insurance for cash? Also every time I go, he gets a copay which is expensive for me! By the time we are done with the tests, I will barely be able to buy the cpap machine.

Am I wrong here? What should I do?


Hey guys and gals! I’ve been reading the forum ever since I received the results frommy home sleep study (about 15 days ago).

Long story short, I went in to check why I was feeling so incredibly tired (to the point where I would need 14hs sleep and would still wake up supppppper tired and groggy), plus I have been seeing a steady cognitive decline, memory loss (very little) and this annoying inability to concentrate or focus (like being in a haze, or high).

Well, test came back with AHI 18.1 and lowest O2 sat was 88%. Had something like 80 hypopneas I was told (what the f...)...

So I was prescribed a CPAP, I asked my Dr for the Resmed Airsense 10 (I live in Argentina so getting a good machine is mission impossible, you have to import it, wait for it to clear customs...) anyhow, I AM 100% sure I will not be able to sleep on a full face mask! I’m a veryyyyyyy light sleeper, plus I move like crazy in bed, tossing, turning, flipping... So myargument was I should try a nasal mask...

Now which would be better a nasal mask or a nasal pillow (for a veryyyy active sleeper)? I think both are from Philips Respironics Dreamwear...

Any suggestions for the first night use (which would probably be the day after tomorrow)?

Any other tips will be greatly appreciated. I sleep with my girlfriend and I dont want to annoy her, but at the same time I wish this makes me feel like my old old self again...

Thanks a lot, and sorry for rambling on...