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Joined Nov 2018
Joined Nov 2018

There seems to be a link now between my physical symptomps (headache, chest pain) and my cognitive functions, together with sleep deprivation. It is about the blood O2/CO2 level

1) Doctor's diagnosis & treatment Asthma was found, and "Budesonide + formoterol fumarate dihydrate" (e.g. Symbicort) was prescribed Not sure about COPD: I have quickly a shortness of breath while running, but in daily physical work I look like normal.

2) My CO2/O2 measurement

  • I have a Spirometry to measure O2, sometimes I see 93% when I feel tired, but normally it is around 94-96%
  • CO2 measurement: I have never been aware of such one. From the hospital there were 2 sleep tests before and after CPAP, with some sensors attaching to my body. But the hospital has never told me enough on what was measured.

3) My sleep symptomps

  • Short sleep of 30 min only gives me more headache and brain "strangeness". It used to be my power nap before age 20, now I am 40.
  • Direct headache anytime waking up
  • Always a chest pain as if my lung is "too dry" or "not enough oxygen"
  • Waking up often or notice that I am dreaming chaotically.
  • These symptoms (headache, chestpain and dreaming) are only reduced if window is open, even in winter.

4) My cognitive symptomps

  • Bad concentration on computer: Very quickly distracted on computer, would switch between task very often. Examples: (a) Open the computer to do a certain task, but if laptop has already some tabs opened then I would read those tabs first and sometimes forget what I wanted to do, or even if I remember I don't have the energy or wanting to do that anymore. (b) While reading an article I would click on links to read another article before finishing the first, and keep on wandering that way
  • Lower IQ: I used to be proud of my IQ: good memory, high thinking speed including the ability to do mental math calculation very quickly, not anymore.
  • Forgetting things: e.g. eveyday I need to find my phone at least once even if "it was just around 1 min ago"

5) What I do to improve my health

  • Walk outside to think: Boost upto 300% of concentration: I can think deeply, can connect dots in my understanding of things, can have good overview of things to design things at helicopter view (I am a computer programmer).
  • Breathing with awareness: it is either a slow but deep breathing (Taichi exercise) or a slow, deep and hard breathing (Sanchin exercise as in this video also incorporates a hard muscle contraction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kybxNOlnl20). Manytimes when I am stuck while trying to solve a problem, if I do a Taichi or Sanchin breathing I will come back to my desk and BUM, the solution arrives.

6) Links

  • COPD and headache: this seems very relevant to my symptomps, however I don't know if I have COPD https://www.healthline.com/health/copd/headache
  • Asthma and headache: many links don't seem to be relevant to me.