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Joined May 2016
Joined May 2016

Hi All,

I have a Resmed Air10 APAP and am still struggling to get the pressure settings right. I hope I can get some help here. I have given up on my Sleep Specialist. I don't think she knows about UARS and her technicians seem rather clueless about anything except the basic pressure settings of the device. (This is the second sleep center, first one was even worse.)

Its currently set at a Fixed Pressure of 10. I download the data from the card everyday and view the data using SleepyHead software (https://sleepyhead.jedimark.net). And have notice the following 3 patterns in my sleep.

  1. On most days I feel terribly sleepy and on reviewing the previous nights data I see that I've had lot of RERA events (~15) and also some Hypopneas (~5). I will fall asleep if I drive or try to work in front of a computer.

  2. On some days I feel sleepy but not that bad. And the data indicates I had only 1-2 RERA events but lot of Hypopneas (~15).

  3. Finally on some days I feel great and data indicates I had only 2-3 Hypopneas and 0-1 RERA events.

I believe I have UARS and not OSA as my sleep studies initially indicated no apnea and in the last study indicated I had very low apnea. My events per hour rarely goes above 1. On some nights I sleep very well but terribly on most nights and the events per hour will not have varied much (0.4 - 0.5)

Given this scenario I'm trying to figure out the right mode (CPAP/APAP) and pressure settings to minimize RERA/Hypoapneas.

I also had some questions if anybody knows the answers.

Minimizing RERA/Hypopnea:

Does APAP correctly adjust pressure if it detects RERA? My device documentation says it corrects both OSA & CSA. It says it "reports" RERA. So i'm not sure it corrects it.

If APAP doesn't correct/compensate for RERA can it be fixed by increasing the pressure in CPAP mode.

Similar question about Hypopnea.

EPR Setting:

I see an EPR option on the device that the documentation supposedly says increases comfort and yet it is set to off. Does anyone know / have experience with this setting?