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Joined May 2019
Joined May 2019

I am actually starting this topic to update a member on this forum : @Southafrican

The previous thread has been locked and just wanted to share a small update.

So I've been having some onset apnea issues back in April-May. I would be drifting off and still partially awake enough to notice I've stopped breathing and I'd wake up to breathe. The biggest issue is that I wasn't asleep yet and I'd have to restart the whole sleep process. This could lead to not being able to sleep for 5-6 hours after I'd planned to sleep which was hell for 2 weeks. Went to 2 ENTs and they jumped on sleep apnea and the sleep test showed sleep apnea with a AHI of 27.

Since then I've gotten myself a Resmed Airsense. It helped minimize the issue. Instead of having it happen 3-5 times in a row. I got it down to 1-2 times then I am able to sleep. I've not looked at the sleepyhead data for this, my card reader doesn't work and haven't gotten around to get an external one yet.

Anyways weird symptoms started manifesting itself during the day after about 2 weeks with CPAP. This was around the start of june. My throat will feel tight/flexed and breathing was harder like breathing through a straw. I guess it was like asthma without the coughing and wheezing and this only occurred when I was inactive e.g watching tv, driving, on a plane etc. Eating something or just standing up and walking around made it better.

I started researching more and it seems like it could be LPR-Laryngopharyngeal reflux possibly that has inflamed the throat. One thing that alerted me was that it can sometimes be caused by nerve damage from a virus. Post viral vagal neuropathy, weakening one of your GI organ, most likely esophagus, causing a significant delay in reflux clearance. Which made sense somewhat as I've been experiencing worsening mucus pooling ever since coming down with major flu in December last year. Right now I am wondering whether this LPR could have significantly contributed to my sleep apnea because of throat inflammation. I probably have some form of sleep apnea regardless judging from my loud snoring and being overweight. Never suffered major SA symptoms though.

For the last month or so I've been taking off the counter reflux meds and there seems to be significant improvements both when awake and asleep. I am trying to schedule a GI doctor visit soon to see if it's what I suspect it is. Will update again.

Hi guys,

I've been a reader here since april when my issues all started.

I was wondering if anyone here has LPR? Can it cause/contribute to obstructive sleep apnea?

Now that I am a month on CPAP after my ENT said my issues were sleep apnea which showed up on a sleep test, I am beginning to think that it's all caused by LPR.

It first started because:

  1. The sensation of my throat closing when relaxing
  2. Feeling of a lot of deep pooling mucus in throat
  3. Jolting awake when partially asleep because I can feel the air popping through a blocked throat.

Sounds like sleep apnea right? However after starting my CPAP now for a month. It has eliminated the issues while going to sleep. However I am beginning to notice my throat still partially blocked with tightness during the day. It's occasional, happens 2-5 times a day especially when I am stationary e.g driving, watching TV, working on my desk, seated on a long flight, lying down for an extended period relaxing. It's relieved by walking around or having something the drink/eat. It basically feels like an asthma attack without the coughing and wheezing.

Reading up online it seems like I have half the symptoms listed on this link. https://www.fauquierent.net/lpr.htm

In addition, my CPAP report is fantastic. Pressure peaking at around 14cm after 2-3 hours in to sleep and events at 0-1 with no leaks. Averaging about 5-7 hours of usage per night. Maybe there will be 2 days a week that I see AHI events around 2.

Anyone got any ideas or experienced something similar? It's really starting to cause some stress and quality of life issues. I am looking to get a 2nd opinion soon but I want myself to have a good understanding of what could possibly be wrong as well.