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Be Prepared for Mishaps

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ZenCat +0 points · about 9 years ago Original Poster

Friday morning I'm putting away my head gear. I separate the short tubing from the longer tube so I can store it away for the day. When I do - it tears! Yikes! After a few choice words, I stash it in a drawer and head off to work.

That night I get a closer look. There's no temporary quick fix for this. It's a gonner! I'm thinking, my old unit had a similar short tube. Maybe it will suffice until I can get a replacement.

After pulling the old CPAP unit out of storage, I grab the same similar tube and head back to the bedroom. It fits - kind of. But, it's really loose. If I lay really still, there's no problem. There's no way I can remain that still all night. Simply turning my head causes the tube to slide off. Aggravating to say the least.

I headed to the junk drawer in our kitchen (you know you have one too). I grabbed some scotch tape. By running the tape around the connection point where the tube attaches, I can increase the circumference and make the temporary replacement tube fit tighter.

I get online and ordered two replacements so I'll have a backup for when this happens again. And I'm sure it will.

For now the scotch tape is holding. I should have my replacement by next weekend.

Everyone sleep tight! I've gotta log off. The Ambien is starting to kick in. 😊


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