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Cpap seems ineffective

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Dreamer19 +0 points · about 6 years ago Original Poster

I was diagnosed with apnea 2 months back. My ahi was 16. I am on cpap. My pressure was 5-15. I was getting with pressure in my head was much more sleepy thqn before. The pressure is now reduced to 5-8. I still feel tired and sleepy all day. I have used my cpap for around 4 weeks now. Is it normal to get more sleepy after using Cpap? How long should i continue before i can conclude if cpap is not working and i should look for other treatment?

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SleepyMommy703 +0 points · about 6 years ago Sleep Commentator

To judge if CPAP is working you need to look at your AHI. If it's below 5 it's generally considered to be working. As for how you are feeling that may take significant time or may not really improve. It can take quite a while for your body to get used to sleeping well with the CPAP. I did feel more tired for a bit, but I had significant daytime sleepiness already.

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