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Joined Jul 2017
Joined Jul 2017

I use a Resmed Airsense 10, I believe it's called, and have been using the Eson 2 for about a year now. I got a new mask a couple weeks ago and didn't really notice any particular issues. I always get a little bit of leaks that I notice during the night, but I'm a super light sleeper and wake a lot with or without the CPAP. I just logged in to see what my scores have been lately and they are HORRIBLE! While a 20 is the top score there were days it was 9, 1 and even 0! I don't get how it could have been that bad without me noticing during the night. I mean I felt some slight leaks here and there, but that always happens. Usually my skin gets oily during the night and I wipe my face and then it seals better. But to have a 0??

I was doing so great for a while with getting a perfect 100 most nights. And those nights I usually feel some leakage. What gives? And is there a way that my medical equipment supplier should be able to give me a more detailed account of what went on those nights? Like if it was a consistent issue all night or did I have some crazy bad leaks periodically.

I've been skipping using it more and more lately because I swear I feel worse when I use it (even to some extent before these leaks) but this could explain why the past few weeks have been extremely bad.

I'm a mouth breather and have to use a chin strap. I tried a full face mask at one point but had even worse leaks and couldn't sleep comfortably on my side. With newer smaller full face masks on the market since then I'm debating trying one and seeing how it goes. Is there one that is more recommended for having fewer leakage issues?

There was a point when they reduced my pressure to 7 (after a sleep study showed that was all I needed) but on the rare occasion I slept on my back or if I got a little bit stuffy it didn't feel like enough. I had zero leaks and my occasional bloating and dry mouth stopped completely. Then they put it on a range I think from 6-12 and it felt better but I have the occasional issue of bloating, dry mouth and more leaks. But I fixed my mask tighter and it helped the leaks at least. I actually really feel like my machine ramps up to more than I need. I'm hitting 11-12 most nights even on my side yet my last study they never needed to go above 7. I'm just not confident in how well it really senses the pressure I need. It doesn't help I had two machines that were duds or started early on with pressure issues as well.

I'm making a followup appt with my sleep doctor just curious if anyone else experienced these crazy leaks without knowing it was happening at the time.

I've been back on my CPAP therapy since February after a couple years off. It never did help my daytime fatigue, but I do notice enough benefits over the long haul to keep at it.

Two months ago I started taking Ritalin after doing some reading on Adult ADHD and sleep issues. My psychiatrist agreed I had ADHD and meds were worth a try and I think we finally hit the nail on the head after years of struggling with various issues. My energy is up significantly, I'm doing much better in the self care department, I'm finding all sorts of things have improved that I hadn't even realized were issues/symptoms of ADHD and thought were anxiety or OCD related.

The crazy part is even though my sleep hasn't changed much (I still wake a lot at night with or without the meds and the CPAP) I feel better in the mornings too. It's just not as much of a struggle to wake as it used to be. However, I have recently not been using the CPAP as much (just because I had an awful cough and congestion that made using a nasal mask impossible) and the days I do use it I struggle a little more to get up in the morning. I also notice I have a pressure/mild pain when I use it, in my upper neck/lower back of my head area. I'm seeing a chiropractor and adjustments have been helping but I definitely sleep weird or something when I use it and I'm not sure how to correct that. Maybe a special pillow or something? I was a stomach sleeper but now sleep on my sides. I just can't get used to sleeping on my back.

I do have to use a chin strap and my mask is the Eson 2 nasal mask. I don't feel uncomfortable in it, but I think because I'm a light sleeper in general, I am subconsciously tensing up when I wear it. Anyone else have neck pain/tension build from sleeping with a CPAP or have thoughts on how to alleviate it?

Beyond that any thoughts on why I struggle more with waking on nights I'm using it? My AHI is typically below 1. I know I tend to be deep in REM in the mornings after waking a lot earlier in the night. Maybe that's just amplified when I'm using it?