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Health Risks of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices?

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Sierra +0 points · 21 days ago Original Poster Sleep Enthusiast

From time to time the issue is raised about the risks of using these devices, and if the user makes adjustments to them, what the consequences could be. My thoughts have been that I self medicate with two types of insulin several times a day, and that the risk of that is far higher. It turns out that my casual thinking may be more accurate than I thought. CBC our Canadian news outlet has been doing an expose on the risks of medical devices. Here is a link to today's article. When a database of medical device risks was checked the #1 risk was insulin pumps. Over the last 10 years 103 deaths have been linked to insulin pumps. CPAP devices did not even make the top 10 list. And when I did a search of the data base they have using Device Category "UNIT; CONTINUOUS POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE" it came back with two deaths. Both were in the hospital. One was post surgery and apnea was not a factor in the death. The other was with a terminally ill patient. My conclusion is that CPAP devices are very safe, and not a death risk. There is no reason to fear them! There are other medical devices that one should be concerned about though...

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