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International Travel

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AdventurousYellowKangaroo9366 +0 points · over 1 year ago Original Poster

Anyone have knowledge about cpap directions and use of CPAP on international overnight flight.

Also, is an adapter needed on cruise ship?


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Ruby +0 points · over 1 year ago Sleep Commentator

Probably the best thing to do is check with the airline and cruise line for this information. I would bet that each company has a different set up. Interesting question though.

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remomueller +0 points · over 1 year ago Support Team

Hi Mark, in case you haven't seen it, here's a link to some general travel tips for traveling with a CPAP: https://myapnea.org/forum/traveling-with-cpap-6-quick-tips. I know it doesn't directly answer the question of the actual use of the CPAP during an overnight flight, but perhaps other MyApnea members may be able to chime in on that, and maybe the link will provide you some things you hadn't thought of before.

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