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Machine shutting off

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Sleepea +0 points · about 1 month ago Original Poster

Machine: Air Sense 10 Auto

I have been using CPAP therapy for many years, last year I replaced my old machine with an Air Sense 10. Shorty after I had the new machine I woke up one morning and the machine was off. I am positive I turned the machine on before I went to bed. There was not a power failure, but I did not have an answer as to why the machine was off when I woke up. I decided the cat might have climbed on the night stand or I somehow hit the button in the night. After this incident I decided to use the auto start feature, if the machine somehow turned off it would start up automatically.
Recently there have been several times where I have a low number of sleep hours. I check the logs in Sleepy Head and see I have unexplained periods where the machine is off. I don't recall getting up in the night, there are no events before or after these machine off periods. The times the machine is off can be 20 minutes to an hour and a half. I can not figure out why the machine would shut off.

I would think that if the mask became loose from my face the noise and/or sensation of the air rushing out would wake me.
Has anyone else had periods of time where the machine shuts off?

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Sierra +0 points · about 1 month ago Sleep Patron

Yes, my wife had had problems with her ResMed S9 machine. However, it seems to be limited to times when we were off grid in a trailer and she was using a 12 volt to 24 volt converter, rather than the 110 volt to 24 volt adapter that comes with the machine. Through a lot of testing I determined that the adapter protection circuitry was deciding the machine was drawing too much current. Without going into the details, I a replacement which also did not work, and eventually got a third converter. It does not work either. I have measured the current draw and determined that it simply cannot provide the current that it is rated to provide. It trips out on overload well below the rated capacity for current. With three converters not able to do the job I finally decided that there is a design problem with the S9 12 Volt DC to 24 volt DC converter. I also determined that the limitation would be worked around by turning off the humidifier and heated hose. With those turned off, the machine draws far less current, and seems to work fine. I was going to bring it to the attention of ResMed but since the S9 is now an obsolete machine, I decided it just wasn't worth. it.

During this time I was using an A10 machine and a similar 12 volt to 24 volt converter and never had a problem, even when using a heated hose and the humidifier. I also determined that the A10 had a very similar current draw as the S9. Whatever the problem, it seems it was corrected with the A10 adapter which is very similar but not identical. It has the same rating.

So, back to your problem. Are you using SleepyHead or OSCAR. I found that very helpful in diagnosing what was going on. My wife has always used the AutoStart feature, and that was the characteristic of the problem - multiple stops and starts during the night. I would suggest looking at the data on you SD card with one of these programs. I also would suggest you turn off the humidifier and heated hose to see if that "fixes" the problem. If it does, it would indicate you have a defective power supply adapter.

Hope that helps some,

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