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Resmed S10 pressure

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geode1 +0 points · about 3 years ago Original Poster

Pressure is set from range of 7 to 12.
Once pressure goes to max, it never seems to decrease. If I wake up and don’t fall back asleep, Ive noticed that the pressure never decreases.
I have to turn off machine to get pressure back to a comfortable level. Any suggestions?

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Sierra +0 points · about 3 years ago Sleep Patron

If you have a PC or Mac and a SD card reader you can download some freeware called OSCAR. With OSCAR you can see in more detail what is happening. How are your AHI numbers? One option is to have the machined switched to fixed pressure CPAP mode and then use a fixed pressure that is not automatically adjusted. However you can only do that if there is a fixed pressure that works for you.

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