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Started Nuvigil and I'm still tired

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SleepyMommy703 +0 points · almost 6 years ago Original Poster Sleep Commentator

I have to stop reading other people's experiences online because I think they give me too much hope sometimes. I went into the CPAP thing thinking it was going to change my life and while I did improve in some areas it wasn't quite the life changer I hoped for. Decided to treat my anxiety and depression with an SSRI in the fall too and with the combo of CPAP and those I'm at a tolerable level. Don't feel great, but I can get by with a few extra naps without feeling awful. So the doctor prescribed Nuvigil to try and give me a little extra energy during the day and she told me I could take it as needed so it didn't need to be an every day medication. Mind you it's only my second day, but I don't feel anything except some nausea at the 4 hour mark. I'm reading from other people how it was so strong they couldn't even stay on it or how they felt amazing on day 1 and I'm starting to worry this is not going to work for me either. I'm usually really sensitive to meds so if anything I expected to have too many side effects and feel wired, but I went back to bed this morning and did a little around the house but have still felt most of the day like I could crawl into bed and go to sleep again.

Has anyone here tried Nuvigil and had it take time to work, like build up in your system? My impression was that's now how this one works. Or have it just not work for you and try something else?

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doctorlulu +0 points · almost 6 years ago

Not sure. Looked for that kind of info but didn't see that it takes time to build an effective blood level. It may and I just missed it.

Seems as though time of day you take it plays a role in its efficacy. Dosage can be increased, too, depending on how much you take. Plus, there are other "wakefulness" inducing meds you can try.

When I was a teen, dad recommended running around the block three times which he was certain would make me tired enough to sleep. It would have awakened me and made sleeping more difficult. Poor guy. He had terrible, terrible sleep apnea but we didn't know what it was back in the day.

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sophie +0 points · almost 6 years ago

You don't state what your starting dose of Nuvigil was; good to connect with your physician to see about the correct dosage for you. Also, the generic form of Nuvigil is experienced by lots of people as not as effective as the brand name. This is a controlled substance so be sure to work closely with your physician on the dosage.

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