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[-] shemomo +1 point · over 1 year ago

I knew nothing about sleep apnea = was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea a couple of months ago - I have lived alone for 30 years so no one to tell me if I snored....anyway, I went to the supplier to get the CPAP machine - he explained all the technicalities then just said - you need a full face mask and sent me home with one - didn't give me a chance to try it on there.... It is just not working for me, so I called to see if I could try other masks but he did not call me back. A few days later I called the sleep doctor and then of course the supplier called and I could tell he was ticked off that I had called the doctor. I said I would like to try another mask and he said 'no = once a mask touches your face you have bought it' - I complained again to the sleep doctor's office last Tuesday but they have not called me back. Help!!!

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[-] DanM +1 point · over 1 year ago Sleep Enthusiast

Hi @shemomo. I would encourage you to contact your physician again and let them know that you urgently need assistance. You might also consider contacting your insurance provider and discussing the problem with them, as most insurers (including Medicare) have formal methods for managing these kinds of issues. Hope this helps, and please keep us posted on your progress!

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[-] wiredgeorge +2 points · over 1 year ago Sleep Enthusiast

Get self-educated. Find out which medical supply places your insurance provider works with in your area. You may wish to file a written complaint with your insurance company on this supplier. Find another supplier. My supplier wasn't great but allowed me to test fit a number of masks; I was forced to use a full face due the VERY high pressure involved but there are various full face masks in various sizes. If a supplier doesn't call back, you also can contact BBB and open a case with them. I am not much on litigation issues but if you are paying, they need to be responsive as you have paid for not only the equipment but the fitting service. Do follow up and let us know how this goes.

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[-] PatientVioletBear0961 +2 points · over 1 year ago

When a patient does not have immediate success with their CPAP therapy, some CPAP supply companies respond by treating the patient very poorly and viewing them as "non-compliant". Other CPAP supply companies treat the patient well and help to support them in finding a mask that fits and getting past any initial barriers they are struggling with. It is important to the success of your therapy that you utilize a company that supports your success. As wiredgeorge suggested, you should probably contact your insurance provider to find out about all of the CPAP supply companies they are contracted with and switch to a different one. Research each supplier online first to find out anything you can about how satisfied their patients are. I have had a good experience with Classic Sleep Care, which is available in many parts of the US.

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