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Transferring oximeter data with Oscar on Resmed

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ittiandro +0 points · about 3 years ago Original Poster

I am considering to use an oximeter with my Resmed CPAP on Oscar. I know that Oscar has a tab for importing oximeter data, but I am not clear how and where to physically record the Oximeter data to import them into Oscar.

  1. Is there a USB outlet and cable on the oximeters? On all the oximeters listed on Amazon I haven’t seen any USB outlet.
  2. Where does the oximeter cable connect to?
  3. Is there a separate SD card to record the oximeter data to?
  4. How are these data transferred from the oximeter to the SD card? I suppose it is not the same SD card that is plugged in the Resmed machine for the nightly sleep data.
  5. Is it necessary to transfer the oximeter readings to Oscar? Can’t I read them off directly from the oximeter ? Thanks


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Sierra +0 points · about 3 years ago Sleep Patron

No experience but it seems you need a USB cable and the appropriate drivers in your computer. Don't think they use a SD card. There may be some basic data on the oximeter, but if you want to see what your O2 levels are throughout the night to compare to when you have apnea events it would be very useful to display the data in OSCAR.

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