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UARS suddenly cpap not working

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hgabs +0 points · about 1 month ago Original Poster

Hi All

I had been suffering from migraines and TMJ since 2008. Finally in 2018 I was diagnosed with UARS. I tried everything from nasal dilators to MAD devices and then I started doing radio and laser therapy on my soft plate and nose (its very narrow and I weigh 56 KG). Anyways finally in September of 2019 I started CPAP- it was like a miracle my migraines went down from daily to like twice a month. my fast heart rate and irritability went away. My pressure was at 5-12. Also I was on Nexium for severe LPR about 40 twice daily. I take melatonin and Claritin but when I started getting better I stopped the Claritin and went down on the melatonin (was feeling still perfect) then went off the Nexium end of November.. In January my symptoms returned full-fledged. I wondered if it was due to the LPR contributing to the apnea or vice versa so went back on it just right now. suddenly nothin is working. I use the4 dreamer pillow tried switching to a full face mask for few days I felt worse and then I switched to nasal pillows which seem to be fine but my symptoms are not goin away. Please help!

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Sierra +0 points · about 1 month ago Sleep Patron

What AHI are you getting, and what is the breakdown of AHI to clear airway vs obstructive? Has there been any change over this time?

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