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Joined Mar 2015
Joined Mar 2015

Thanks, CatOwned

I am now comfortable with my Respironics OptiLife Nasal Mask with Chin Strap. Whew!

Happy I got something workable on a second try! These masks are expensive.

The next time I purchase a new mask, I think I will order a full face mask to use as an alternate. I rarely get a cold, but I have realized that whenever I get my next head cold, I will need a mask that allows for breathing through my mouth and nose. At least I know what does not work for me in a full face mask. In the sleep lab, I could not tolerate a style that has a strap or tube going between my eyes.

Newbie with new problem....drooling in the middle of the night...rude awakening with cold wet head straps. YUCK!

I don't know what went wrong there, but my mouth shouldn't have been open in the first place. Yesterday I washed the head gear. Might have reassembled all of the parts, just a little bit differently. The chin strap is adjusted as tight as possible. I will need to do some problem-solving today during my waking hours. Not surprisingly, my AHI was 10 this AM. It has been running under 5.

To any sleep disorder specialist reading this post, please be aware that adjusting to CPAP and getting it to work properly is easier said than done. I think that is a major factor in non-compliance, especially within the first 30 days. People need guidelines and assist with working through the nightly issues in the first 30 days. Maybe a dedicated "help line" would improve compliance.

I am "over the hump" with getting something to work, but I had more issues adjusting than I could have imagined. Because it was my #1 priority to learn to sleep and breathe at the same time, I figured it out. This would have been a lot harder, if I had the demands of a work schedule, childcare, eldercare, or other pressing family responsibilities. I am grateful that I have adjusted. This site has been a good resource, because there do not seem to be a lot of other resources out there for problems with adjustment.

Hi MikeMRF,

I just saw your post. It might be worthwhile posting your question/concern with a new thread, so it is more visible. I think you do that by going through the link, Enter Forums, then hitting the button on the top that is labelled Start New Topic, or something like that.

Also, you might just quickly say who you are on the Topic, "Introductions" which has been reactivated so we know one another.

As for your question/concern, if you have not had panic attacks in the past, I would get more persistent with contacting your sleep MD, maybe call and leave a message for a call back. Concisely explain why you need to talk with the doctor. Alternate, if there is a nurse practitioner in the practice or a sleep technologist you could speak with, that might also help guide you.

If you have had panic attacks in the past, you might find a couple of posts on this website, with helpful suggestions for staying calm.

I have only been using CPAP for a couple of months. In the lab and in my first couple of weeks using CPAP, I woke up very suddenly around 3 -4AM. Because it happened the first time in the Sleep Lab and was handled very calmly, I felt reassured that all was OK even though I never wake up (wide awake) @ 3-4 AM. This continued at home several times then went away. I still don't really know what that was about, but it went away.

Good luck, MikeMRF. I think there is a resource for tech problems with use of this site. 2Sleepy....but improving...aka, Janet