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sleep apnea and supplements

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GregariousSlateGrayLlama3769 +0 points · over 3 years ago Original Poster

I have been recently diagnose with sleep apnea. I ask my doctor about supplement and sleep he said there is no supplement that help you. I question this is because L-arginine help me. When I take this supplement I sleep through the night but if I skip the pills I am awake every 90 minutes. I realize that supplement are not taught to western doctors so I am not surprised in his answer. Is there anyone more educated that can proved more information? My sleep test was without the supplement.

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BrightLilacDove4332 +1 point · over 3 years ago

Waking up and having apneas are two different issues. I never woke during the night with my apneas. It was only all the things going wrong in my life and getting depressed that made me want to see my doctor. He recommended a sleep study and that was when it was discovered. I seldom snored either. Being tired all the time, having no problem solving ability or creativity, forgetting how to do my job, not being able to learn anything new and becoming depressed were the triggers that sent me to my doctor. When I did the sleep study, they told me my depression came from my inability to dream. Your mind needs to dream or you become depressed. Not being able to learn anything new was because I had no deep sleep and long-term memories are only formed in deep sleep. Once I got my CPAP machine and started to use it every night all night, all my abilities came back. A dark future suddenly looked bright again. I wish the same wonderful results for you!

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sleeptech +1 point · over 3 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Supplements will not help with sleep apnoea. They may improve your subjective sleep quality, but this is a very separate thing.

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